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Besides new projects, I’m also planning on doing a few Twitch streams on how to create Stream Deck plugins, hear feedback and ideas on additional plugins to create, and maybe even just teaching basic coding skills.
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Want to start writing your own plugins?

Get StreamDeck-Tools from nuget for more instructions on how to use the StreamDeck-tools, see the Project page or ping me on Discord

Elgato Stream Deck Plugins

Title Description Link

Advanced Launcher
Smart application launcher for the Stream Deck with a bunch of customizable options. [Project page]

Audio Meter
Audio meter that shows the levels of your playback/recording devices on the Stream Deck. [Download from Discord]

Shows live battery stats for Logitech G Hub and CORSAIR iCue on the Stream Deck. [Download from Discord]

Twitch Tools
Advanced tools to control Twitch from your Stream Deck. Features include: Twitch Pager (Listens to your twitch chat and gives you a visual alert if someone uses the !page command), Clip-To-Chat, Channel Monitor (Shows you which of your favorite streamers are now live). [Project page]

Stream Deck Games
Suite of games for your Stream Deck. Includes: Minesweeper, Simon Says and an 8-Ball you can display on stream. [Download from Discord]

Get stats of your favorite Minecraft server live on the Stream Deck. [Download from Discord]

OBS Tools
Advanced OBS commands and tools to use on your Elgato Stream Deck. Features include: Instant Replay (on stream), Dropped frames alarm, Quick scenes toggle, OBS CPU usage. [Download from Discord]

Countdown Timer
Set a timer on your Stream Deck, and have it shown on your Stream too. Will start flashing in a color of your choice when the time is up. [Project page]

Text File Tools
A set of tools for manipulating text files through the Elgato Stream Deck. Useful for live stream updates. [Project page]

Windows Mover & Resizer
Allows you to control the position and size of application windows on your Windows PC. Maximize/Minimize windows or change height, width and position. Supports moving applications across multiple screens. [Download from Discord]

Stream Counter
A counter plugin you can use to keep score (kills/deaths/etc). The count is saved to a text file which you can then show live on your stream [Download from Discord]

World Time
Displays the local time in cities around the world [Project page]

GPMDP Integration
Google Play Music Desktop Player integration and live feedback. [Download from Discord]

Soundpad Integration
Play sounds directly from Soundpad, without needing to configure hotkeys. [Project page]

Keyboard and Mouse simulator that supports creating advanced keystroke macros [Project page]

Spotify Integration
Full integration with Spotify. Control your music directly from the Stream Deck.
Note: Spotify Premium is required
[Project page]

ShadowPlay Integration
Control NVIDIA ShadowPlay from your Stream Deck [Project page]

Stock Ticker
View live quotes of your favorite stocks, directly on the Stream Deck. [Project page]

Stream Deck Screen Saver
Choose an image that will automatically be shown on your Stream Deck every time you lock your computer [Project page]

VoiceMeeter integration and live feedback. Control VoiceMeeter from your Stream Deck [Project page]

Delayed text inputer
Simulates typing a string of text, with a customizable delay between each keypress. Great for Game macros [Project page]

A simple Stopwatch for your Stream Deck [Project page]

Additional Apps

Title Description Link
Stream Deck Folder Editor Allows moving a folder's *Back* action from the top-left to wherever you want [Project page]
Stream Deck Profile Overwrite Overwrites entire columns from one profile to another [Project page]